apparently, the Chinese government has decided to ban 9 games in their country which include famous games like fortnite, pubg and H1Z1 for ‘blood, gore, and vulgar content’.

recently Chinese government had reviewed 20 different games in which 9 games had been already banned  and the leftover 11 games where requested  to correct the following mistakes made by them.

the Chinese gamers are not really happy about this situation that they can not play pubg, fortnite, and any other game which is banned.

according to the Chinese  government the below list had been made in which you can see various games which has been banned or need correction.

most interesting point is that in the game of fortnite there is no blood-related content but I will say that most of the times epic games, producer of the game called fortnite have crossed their line as the game is suggesting age 12+ and some of the content is 15+ which we are not talking about if you want to read about it comment it to me through the commenting area below the blog.


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