Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate the sequel of the popularly known game called the Super Smash Bros it contains accurately 74 fighters or characters plus DLC which included with four new fighters. A blast with more than a 100 stages Returning stages have been powered up and every stage has Battlefield and Final Destination versions. Item the way we guys appealed for more pokemon and assists trophies and more than 800 tracks to heat up the battle 

New Characters Time


New squidson the block from the Splatoon series!

Attacks with a variety of weapons.  Covering opponents with ink leads to more and more damage—plus these Inklings are really fashionable!


Joining the battle from the storied Metroid series, ridley’s long tail and sharp claws let him unleash a torrent of devastating attacks.

His final smash is a powerful stream of plasma breath intense enough to bring down samus’s starships


The protagonist of Castlevania. 

He uses his holy whip, Vampire Killer, to perform a smash attack with long reach.

He also uses projectiles like an axe, holy water and cross.

King K. Rool

With long-distance special moves like the Blunderbuss, and counter moves like Stomach Attack, he is a versatile fighter.

His Final Smash, Blast-O-Matic, was apparently a weapon created to destroy DK Island…


Incineroar, the advanced evolution of Litten, who made his first appearance in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games.

Incineroar uses pro-wrestling moves, culminating in an epic Final Smash called Max Malicious Moonsault, based on his Z-Move from the Pokémon games.


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