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The Greatest Green Man gaming holiday sale is here.

As you know Christmas is near so how did you not thought that green man gaming will not give you gifts whereas The bad thing, we have to buy the gifts […]

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Top 5 best-selling games in the year of 2018.

Top 5 best-selling games in the year of 2018 is the topic we are gonna talk about. What the heck of games are in the list but unfortunately or not […]

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china banned famous games in their country like fortnite, pubg and H1Z1.

apparently, the Chinese government has decided to ban 9 games in their country which include famous games like fortnite, pubg and H1Z1 for ‘blood, gore, and vulgar content’. recently Chinese […]

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GTA online: arena war is out now, get ready to experience it.

‘Enter Arena War, where ruthless gladiatorial combat meets the bleeding-edge of vehicular modification technology in one spectacular – and highly combustible – competition. embark on an entirely new career under the […]

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NBA 2K19 game review of the day

NBA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics and gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immersive open-world “neighbourhood” NBA 2K19 […]

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look at those new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Super Smash Bros Ultimate the sequel of the popularly known game called the Super Smash Bros it contains accurately 74 fighters or characters plus DLC which included […]

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The Game Awards chooses god of war as the game of the year 2018

after a heck of an award-winning performance god of war actually won the title of the game of the year ‘2018’.punching on the face of the competition for example celeste […]